On a cold and rainy day, we decided to take the train from Paris to Versailles, to visit the Palace and the Gardens. We headed to the train station, and off we go!

From the train station in Versailles to the Palace is a really short walk and with really nice buildings to gaze at, like the City Hall of Versailles. Again, I recommend buying the tickets before you arrive, because even if you have done that, it’s a really big queue. And we were there off-season, on a cold and rainy day. Also, make sure you arrive early in the morning because you’ll need a lot of time to visit everything in this really big estate.

We’ve started with a tour of the Palace, which is an opulent monument of  French Kings, starting with Louis XIV. Le Château has numerous salons, galleries and two royal apartments (of the King and of the Queen). The most impressive gallery must be The Hall of Mirrors (Galerie des Glaces) where the state of Germany was declared in 1871 and the Treaty of Versailles was signed at the end of the First World War in 1919.

When you get to the gardens, all the richness remain present.  They were designed to be viewed from the west side terrace of the Palace, from where it seems that they reach the horizon. You can get lost for a few hours through the maze of the garden, seeing each room.

Go to the Petit Trianon, visit the small château and the gardens around it – it was built on the site of a botanical garden. The main attractions here are the English garden, Temple of Love and a beautiful Belvedere.